Client Guide

1. Drop preconceptions. Shake off assumptions.
2. Now, forget perfect perfection and welcome reality.
3. Okay, you finally entered a DOLCI TRAME state of mind.

Dolci Trame takes inspiration from our daily life and the people we share every day with. Those same people without whom the boutique wouldn’t exist, who believe in us every day.
Since 1988, the boutique, in addition to being a luxury multi-brand and a fashion brand, has become an internationally renowned cultural container.
Everything made before is used as the basis to develop something new, every feature blooming with an explosion of colors, textures, prints, and materials.
Features that bring to life looks that are easy to imagine on any Woman thanks to the collections that season after season brands - DNA and emerging brands - create for you and us!

@dolcitrame – “Get comfortable, explore, and express yourself, ok?”