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Certosa di Maggiano
Villa Cetinale
Palazzo Giorgi




Osteria le Logge
Tre Cristi – Enoteca Ristorante Tullio
Enoteca i Terzi
La Compagnia dei Vinattieri
Quarto Bistrot
Pizzeria San Martino
Pizzeria Poppi
Bottiglieria Salefino
Bistrot - Battistero Siena
Trefilari Wine Bar
Caffè Fiorella – Torrefazione


Galleria Continua
Museo D’inverno
Pinacoteca nazionale
Santa Maria della Scala
Museo Dell’Opera
Galleria Novecento
Lombardi Arte

ACCOMODATION Certosa di Maggiano (A boutique hotel with a familiar touch, hidden in the Tuscan countryside. Minutes away from the center of Siena, in the beating heart of Tuscany there is a place where time has stopped and relaxation is guaranteed. It is the Certosa di Maggiano, an antique monastery where beauty, design, tradition and nature co-exist in total harmony) Villa Cetinale ( The most beautiful villa in Tuscany’. Villa Cetinale is a grand, yet unpretentious Tuscan country villa built in the Roman Baroque style. Surrounded by beautiful gardens and a holy wood known as the Thebaid, it is overlooked by a hermitage known as the Romitorio, which was once inhabited by monks, and forms the northern end of a long straight line that bisects the villa before reaching a monumental statue of Hercules at the southern end of the estate.) Palazzo Giorgi (Nell’affascinante cornice di Piazza del Campo, al terzo piano dello storico Palazzo Giorgi, verrete accolti in un incantevole appartamento di prestigio ) VINTAGE Aloe&Wolf (vintage in siena since 2004) FOOD AND BEVERAGE Osteria le Logge (THE TUSCAN WINE AND FOOD AVANT-GARDE, in a small narrow medieval street that from the main piazza leads up to the Pope’s Lodge, very close to the fabulous Piazza del Campo in Siena, an UNESCO world heritage site) Tre Cristi – Enoteca Ristorante Tullio (The Tre Cristi wine restaurantt, located in the heart of Siena, close to the seventeenth-century Collegiate of Santa Maria di Provenzano, takes its name from an ancient shrine) Enoteca i Terzi (The Enoteca "I TERZI" is located in the historic center of Siena, in Via dei Termini, at the confluence of the terzi into which the city is divided: Terzo di San Martino, Terzo di Camollia , Terzo di Città). La Compagnia dei Vinattieri (The Vinattieri Company is located just across the street from St. Catherine's House, and the winery is located in what was the site of the Sienese water pipeline in the 1300s.) Quarto Bistrot (Bistro with only 4 tables in the alleys of Siena, inside the walls) Pizzeria San Martino (near siena synagogue, san martino pizzeria is an institution in pizza by the slice) Pizzeria Poppi ( siena's most famous pizzeria by the slice: ciaccino and pizza) Bottiglieria Salefino(wine, cocktails and tapas in Piazza del Sale) Bistrot - Battistero Siena (In the center of Piazza San Giovanni, below Siena Cathedral, you can relax all day at Battistero Bistrot from breakfast to lunch, from aperitif to dinner, you will be overwhelmed by a jovial and hospitable atmosphere with delicious dishes, sophisticated cocktails and the wines of the Cantina)Trefilari Wine Bar (Tre Filari is Love for Wine in WineBar Version. ) Caffè Fiorella – Torrefazione ( historic roasting in siena near piazza del campo) ART Galleria Continua (Galleria Continua's space in San Gimignano, a contemporary art gallety in the heart of tuscany opened in 1990 by three friends: Mario Cristiani, Lorenzo Fiaschi and Maurizio Rigillo. Occupying a former cinema, Galleria Continua established itself and thrived in an entirely unexpected location, away from the big cities and the ultramodern urban centres, in a town - San Gimignano - steeped in history, timeless, magnificent.) Museo D’inverno (seasonal contemporary art events. Reflecting on the unpublished or unofficial “stories” behind Art History, fulfills the need for a direct understanding and enjoyment of contemporary art brought to visitors in a straightforward and immediate way. Conceived and directed by the artists Francesco Carone and Eugenia Vanni) Pinacoteca nazioale –( Pinacoteca Nazionale di Siena is the city's most important state museum, housing a fundamental collection of works by the Sienese school from the 13th to the 17th century[2]. The collection was opened in 1932 and also exhibits paintings previously kept at the Siena Academy of Fine Arts.) Santa Maria della Scala (Santa Maria della Scala è un complesso museale di Siena, situato in piazza del Duomo 2, proprio davanti alla cattedrale. Già uno dei più antichi e grandi ospedali europei, fu uno dei primi xenodochi ed oggi, esaurite le proprie funzioni sanitarie, è uno dei più importanti centri museali e culturali della città) Museo Dell’Opera (Museo dell'Opera della Metropolitana, conosciuto anche come Museo dell'Opera del Duomo di Siena, si trova a fianco della cattedrale, ospitato in quella che sarebbe dovuta essere la navata destra del "Duomo Nuovo", secondo un progetto di ampliamento trecentesco mai portato a compimento.) Galleria Novecento ( Store specializing in furniture, art and vintage objects from the 1900s) Lombardi Arte (Lombardi Arte inherits the tradition of the historic Stabilimento Fotografico Lombardi, active in Siena since the mid-19th century. The gallery offers an exclusive selection of printed products: artistic photographs, illustrations, collectible prints, art objects, and photographic catalogs.)